Webinar for parents

Harnessing the Positive Power of Video Games

  • Patricia Vance ESRB President
  • Dr. Rachel Kowert Research Psychologist
    Author of A Parent's Guide to Video Games
  • Andy Robertson Video Game Journalist
    Author of Taming Gaming
  • Moderator
    Dr. Elizabeth Milovidov Independent Expert – Digital Parenting & Child Online Safety
Learn from the experts about how to change the video game family discussion from a challenge to a shared positive experience.

They discuss:

  • How playing video games can be beneficial for you and your children
  • How to check ESRB age and content ratings to pick games that are appropriate for the whole family
  • Household rules and parental control settings to help manage which video games your children play, how long, and with whom online even when you’re not around
  • Available resources supporting appropriate online interactions and accessibility
  • And more!