Ratings Awareness and Use Among Parents Remain High

Written by Max Jay, Assistant Director, Communications
May 28, 2019

ESRB’s new Ratings Awareness and Use survey revealed that most parents are still very familiar with our ratings. The survey also revealed that parents regularly check the ratings before purchasing or downloading a new game.

Conducted annually by Hart Research Associates, the ratings awareness and use survey from April 2019 found that 87% of parents who purchase physical games for their kids are aware of the ESRB age ratings. Similarly, 77% of them regularly check the age rating before purchasing a new game. The survey also revealed high levels of awareness for Content Descriptors (77%) and Interactive Elements (75%).

Always remember to check the ESRB-assigned rating information before you buy or download a new game. Doing so will help you make sure your kids enjoy an age-appropriate video game experience! And remember to download our free ratings search app so you can check the ratings on the go.

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